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Best Islamic Quotes in Urdu

" The Holy Quran is the only book which more people than any other book in the world have read."

Status for Whatsapp Islamic Quotes In Urdu is a way to communicate your thoughts and feelings with people around you.What could people do using WhatsApp status Islamic quotes in Urdu? This is a question that can't be addressed on a singular level. There are a variety of ways that users with the Whatsapp Status Islamic Quotes In Urdu can perform. Here are some more quotes on Islamic Quotes.

What is Islamic Quotes Urdu?

Islamic Quotes in Urdu The meaning behind"Islamic" or Islam is "Submission to GOD that is to you surrender yourself to Allah, and Muslim is a reference to the person who submits himself to God.'

Muslims believe in one God, and the Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet of the Final Year. Islam is the faith of humans, and the person who practices Islam is considered a Muslim. Sometimes, the beauty of our planet entices us in and entices us in its majesty. However, we fight to eliminate the world's beauty and force us to adhere to the principles of Islam. The fight continues on both sides, and the person who can successfully get out of this world will be the one to succeed in the final test known as the "Day of Judgement." (For Read More About Islamic Quotes)

Best Islamic Quotes in Urdu/Roman English and English With Image

Motivational Quotes in Urdu

اللہ سے معافی چاہتے ہو تو لوگوں کو معاف کر دو

Allah se maffi chahtay ho to logon ko maaf kar do
If you want forgiveness from Allah, then forgive people

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