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Islamic Quotes in Urdu

What is Islamic Quotes Urdu?

Islamic quotes in Urdu The meaning of"Islamic" or Islam is "Submission to God that is to surrender your self to Allah, and Muslim refers to 'the person who submits himself to God.'
Muslims believe there is only one God and that the Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet of the Final Year. Islam is the faith of the person who follows Islam and is regarded as a Muslim. Sometimes, the beauty of our planet entices us in and entices us in its splendor. However, we fight to rid ourselves of the beauty of our world and force us to adhere to the principles of Islam. The fight continues on both sides, and the one who is successful in getting rid of this world will be the one to succeed in the final test known as the "Day of Judgement."

I'm sure, just like you, I will look online for these sources along with Islamic quotes in Urdu whenever I believe I'm moving one step at a time and gliding without stopping from the daily exercises that are part of Islam as well as the mother in Iman which we need to be practicing throughout our lives. Most often, it's for the fountain of inspiration or the broken heart that needs motivation. These Islamic Quotes in Urdu images are exactly what we require to live our lives, expressing the true self we are meant to be.


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History of Islam:

Islam is an ancient religion that Muhammad, the Prophet, founded. Muhammad, Peace Be upon His Name. It is regarded as the second most important and fastest-growing religion worldwide. The number of people who follow Islam can be as high as 1.8 Billion in 2017, and are referred to as 'Muslims..'


A quote from John Alden Williams, in the book Islam, George Braziller, in 1962:

He stated that Islam is beyond a religion with a structure as it is a way of life. In many aspects, faith is a larger factor in the lives of its followers than any other religion in the world. The Muslim is in constant contact with God every moment of the day. It does not distinguish between his lifestyle and his religion, his political views and his belief system. With its belief in the brotherhood of people working in concert to accomplish the desires that are the will of God, Islam has become one of the most powerful religions of the present.

Quote by A.J. Toynbee, 1948:

The removal of race-consciousness in the world of Muslims is among the most impressive achievements of Islam. In the present, it is evident that there is a pressing necessity to spread the Islamic ideal.

Quote by W. Montgomery Watt in 1983:

I don't consider myself a Muslim as per the standard manner; however, I do know that I am a Muslim because I am "one yielded to Allah." However, I recognize that the Quran and other manifestations of the Islamic faith are huge sources of spiritual wisdom that many Westerners and I have a lot to learn. Islam is the ideal choice for delivering the foundational tenets of the one religion of the near future.

Quote by Wafa Sultan, November 2009:

Often, I receive threats to kill me. For those in the Arab World, I'm a prominent blogger. My blog posts introduce me to millions of loyal Muslims. They have nothing to say other than the abrasiveness of their doctrines. Islam has stripped Muslims of their ability to respond to criticism in a manner that is appropriate and rational.