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Jaun Elia Poetry

pak urdu poetry

John Elia, known by his full name Syed Hussain Sibt-e-Asghar Naqvi, was a distinguished Pakistani Urdu poet, scholar, and philosopher renowned for his profound and often melancholic poetry. Born on December 14, 1931 in Amroha India - and passing away November 8, 2002 in Karachi Pakistan; Elia's poetry typifies deep emotions, existential reflections, and unique language use that has made him one of the most acclaimed modern Urdu poets today.

Elia's poetry often dealt with themes of love, pain and heartbreak as well as the intricate emotions we all possess. He had an inimitable way of expressing himself using both classical and contemporary diction to convey his feelings and thoughts - gaining him an ardent following while having an impactful legacy within Urdu literature. 

Here is one such sample from Elia's Roman Urdu 

Ghar se masjid hai bahut door 
Chalo yun kar lein 

Kisi rote hue bachche ko hansaya jaaye

John Elia's poems often convey feelings of despair and introspection, drawing inspiration from various aspects of human experience. His contributions to Urdu poetry are widely celebrated for their depth and emotional resonance - making him an iconic figure among poets.

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