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Funny Poetry in Urdu

 Funny Poetry in Urdu lets readers express their emotions with beautiful poetry. Ghazal and shayari that are funny are loved by those who love the pleasure of reading poems that are happy. You can read happy poems in Urdu that is funny and funny two lines or four lines of Friends Poetry. Download funny poems in Urdu to share with friends photos. You can then easily share them with your loved ones, including family members and friends. Since the beginning, a number of books have been written about Funny Quotes in urdu. Poetry lovers have their own preference or preference. You are able to read humorous poetry in Urdu as well as English from various genres.

The hilarious poetry is appreciated by the masses. But, the humorous poetry written in Urdu can bring out the problems and issues of our society, but also bring light to the darkness. It does not only make us feel happier but it also helps to improve our mood. In our everyday lives we encounter various occasions that bring joy to our lives. But, humorous poets gracefully embellish them using humor and sarcasm.

Funny shayari can also be a kind of satire that does not hurt self-esteem. It is a great way to convey the meaning of the problem or topic. The popularity of funny poetry is high in the subcontinent because there are many writers who’ve written awe-inspiring funny poetry. These poems help increase the mood and create laughter. They can stimulate your sense of humor those who read and listen.

Nobody can forget the unforgettable moments of a student’s life. This is why the hilarious poetry written of Urdu written for college students can be often published. You can go through this poem by Mazahiya Shayari of students below. The world would be boring if we didn’t have friends. Funny poetry that is written in Urdu to friends can be a wonderful method to share our feelings and feelings with our beloved family members.

You can find here the latest collection of humorous shero shayari poems. The poems can be connected to your everyday life. The poems are made available on the internet in Urdu, Hindi and English and you are able to take them in as per your own preferences. Shayari is further divided into various categories like Sad Love, Sad and Attitude Shayari. You can also share your experience with those you love the most, and bring a smile to their faces.

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