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Islamic Quotes in Urdu With Image

Islamic quotes in Urdu The meaning of"Islamic" or Islam is "Submission to God that is to surrender your self to Allah, and Muslim refers to 'the person who submits himself to God.'
Muslims believe there is only one God and that the Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet of the Final Year. Islam is the faith of the person who follows Islam and is regarded as a Muslim. Sometimes, the beauty of our planet entices us in and entices us in its splendor. However, we fight to rid ourselves of the beauty of our world and force us to adhere to the principles of Islam. The fight continues on both sides, and the one who is successful in getting rid of this world will be the one to succeed in the final test known as the "Day of Judgement."

Islamic Quotes in Urdu With Image

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

دنیا میں تمہارے لئے بدترین سزا یہ ہے کے

الله تمہاری زبان سے اپنا ذکر روک لیتا ہے

Duniya mein tumahray liye bad tareen saza yeh hai ke

ALLAH tumhari zabaan se apna zikar rok laita hai

This is the worst punishment in the world for you

Allah withholds His remembrance from your tongue

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