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Jaun Elia 2 Lines Sad Poetry With Pictures

John Elia was an exceptional poet as well as scholar and philosopher, with an in-depth knowledge of literature, philosophy and history that enhanced his poems. Additionally, he translated works of notable poets and writers that helped preserve literary knowledge while spreading it further. John Elia’s contributions to Urdu literature were widely recognized and honored during his life, earning several awards including Adamjee Literary Award and Kamal-e-Fun Award. Here you get the all collection of John Elia Sad Urdu Poetry text with impressive images.
Jaun Elia 2 Line Sad Poetry With Pictures

میرے سارے قاتل مجھ پر جان و دل سے عاشق تھے

میں نے ہی خود کو مارا خیر، سب کا بھلا ہو سب کی خیر

Mere saaray qaatil mujh par jaan o dil se aashiq thay

Mein ne hi khud ko mara kher, sab ka bhala ho sab ki kher