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Best Sad Quotes in Urdu

Because Urdu is our native language, Talking about our grievances in Urdu makes us feel more relaxed. The pain disappears when we read any sad or sombre quotes that are relatable to us. Many web pages allow you to discover sad quotes, sad quotes written in Urdu concerning death, heartbreaking quotes written in Urdu regarding friendship, extremely sorrowful Urdu quotes about love, and sad quotes in Urdu of your own.

Sometimes, life can be so bleak and laden with depressing circumstances that everything and the people around us become irrelevant. The reason for this could be something or a sequence of awful events which have been happening lately.


لوگ کہتے ہیں میرا دل پتھر کا ہے
مگر کوئی ایسا بھی تھا جو اسے بھی توڑ گیا

Log kehte hain mera dil pathar ka hai
Magar koi aisa bhi tha jo usay bhi toar gaya

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