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Sad Quotes in Urdu

What are Sad Quotes in Urdu?

The world is full of love, and love brings joy and sorrow. If we experience happiness and sadness, the majority of us feel both. When depression strikes in the tough portion, we both are sad about what we have wasted due to the mistakes of others or our own. We share our struggles with our friends and family members to ensure that we are content. Sometimes, we tell sad stories and can feel better. People read these sad sayings in Urdu and don't feel with others who have been in the same place, whether it's an unending heartbreak as well as the death of a loved one. This is the kind of burden that we'll face.


Sad Quotes in Urdu With Picture

تیرے بغیر دل کی کیا حالت ہے تم کیا جانو

 مل کر بتائیں گے

 یہ دل کتنا تڑپا ہے تم سے دور رہ کے

Tere baghair dil ki kya haalat hai tum kya jano
Mil kar bitayen ge 
Yeh dil kitna tarpa hai tum se duur reh ke

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